Tropical Collection

This bright and bold collection of paintings is inspired by my love of all things tropical! The animals, plants, and bright colors are sure to brighten up your space!

Tropical Tiger

Acrylic paint on 16” by 12” canvas. This painting features one of my favorite animals and some of my favorite tropical plants.


Acrylic paint on 8” by 8” by 1/2” wood canvas. Bright and colorful toucan surrounded by tropical leaves.

Poison Dart Frog

Acrylics on 4” by 4” canvas with mini easel. This po tong features one of my favorite animals the blue poison dart frog.

The original has sold. Contact me for a custom like this!

Yellow Hibiscus

Acrylic paint on 4” by 4” canvas. Yellow hibiscus on pink background with tropical leaves.