Vinyl Record Paintings

Instead of throwing out old vinyls I decided to paint on them! These make a super cute and unique wall hanging for any space and can be displayed easily on an easel, plate stand, or on a nail or thumb tack.

I create these with acrylic paint and they are sealed with a gloss varnish for an everlasting shine!

Wildflower Forest

I created this lush green forest with some pink and orange wildflowers and some very textured trees! Be sure to check out all the pictures and it’s details!


Bright red poppies on a bright green field with some textured blue and orange mountains makes for a super bright and uplifting painting!

a plate with bees and flowers on it

Honeybees and Flowers

Bright yellow honey bees and violet flowers on a golden honeycomb background is a beautiful combination!

I added some iridescent white paint on the bee wings for an extra shimmer!

an orange octopus is painted on a round plate


Acrylic painting of an orange octopus on a colorful coral reef.

Hummingbird and Hydrangea

Acrylic painting of a green and violet hummingbird with pink, purple, and white hydrangeas

Lemon Blossom

Acrylic painting of lemons on a recycled vinyl record. I added gold accents on the lemons and the background!

Orange Blossom

Acrylic painting on recycled vinyl record of oranges and orange blossom flowers on a branch. The oranges and background have gold accents!

Blissful Fields

Contact me for a custom piece like this one

Valentines Cupcake

This sweet painting is from my Valentine’s Day collection and features a pink and white cupcake with some lovely details.