Hair Accessories

Check out my collection of scrunchies, headbands, bandanas and more!

Hard Band Headband

These headbands made with a flexible but sturdy base have been my best seller accessory the last month!

These fit every size head and stay on your head all day long! It also works great for short hair styles as well!


Made with 1/4” elastic and stretch up to 8”. Safe for all hair types and prevents snags and breaks.

Price includes shipping.

Elastic Headbands

Cotton fabric headbands with an elastic band at the back for a comfortable wear!Fits most adults 20”- 24” around. Bands are 3” thick and wide band headbands are about 6”


These bandana headbands are made with an elastic band for an easy and comfortable fit! These slide on like a headband but cover like a bandana! They fit most adults. Stretch 20”- 24” around and are 11” long.

Scrunchie Scarves

Regular size scrunchie with scarf tail. These make the cutest accessory for a ponytail or bun and work great for medium or long hair!