Hair Accessories

Check out my collection of scrunchies, headbands, bandanas and more!

Winter and Christmas Accessories

Scrunchies, bandanas, headbands, scrunchie scarves, and jumbo scrunchies available!

Thanksgiving scrunchies

100% cotton scrunchies feature fall leaves and turkey prints.

Floral Embroidered Accessories

Tulle fabric with embroidered flowers

Shine bright like a diamond in these gold metallic, green metallic, silver sequin, silver holographic, and pink holographic patterns.

Holographic and Metallic Accessories

Sports Team Accessories

Sports Team scrunchies, scrunchie scarves, bandanas, and headbands


Top row left to right: ac/dc, Grateful Dead bear, blue/green flash, neon triangle, purple crystal, blue tie-dye, Daisy fruit, pink floral

Second row: real flower, green daisy, big floral, blue velvet, peach silk, burgundy velvet, red velvet

Third row: green rainbow shamrock, green shamrock, black shamrock, green shamrock swirl, tarot, pumpkin, rainbow skull.

Second picture: blue daisy, strawberry butterfly, orange fruit butterfly, lilac butterfly

Third picture: pot leaf

Fourth picture: gold/pink sunflower

Made with 1/4” elastic and stretch up to 8”. Safe for all hair types and prevents snags and breaks.

Jumbo Scrunchies

Top row Right to left: Honey bee, veggie, mushroom floral, coral reef lucky charms, cool swirl

Bottom row: kiss, purple crystal, Grateful Dead bear, pink stripe, watermelon, boho quilt

Second photo: “damnit Jim”, Schrute Farms, Office faces

Made with 1/4” elastic and stretch up to 9”. Made with a wide cut fabric and is about 3” thick scrunchie.


First photo top to bottom: retro swirl, coral reef, summer swirl, boho quilt

Second photo: neon swirl, neon triangle, purple crystal, pink triangle

Third photo: honey bee, green daisy, Daisy fruit, floral bee

Fourth photo: nightmare before Christmas, ac/dc, navy/orange plaid,blue fall floral, pumpkin, IT

Fifth photo: green shamrock, lucky charm, green rainbow shamrock, bunny

Sixth photo: fish, watermelon

Seventh photo: Schrute Farms

Eighth photo: lilac butterfly, strawberry butterfly, orange fruit butterfly, blue daisy

Ninth photo: pot leaf


Cotton fabric headbands with elastic. Fit most adults 20”- 24” around.


First picture: lucky charms, jelly beans, pineapple, citrus

Second photo: jasmine/tiger, justice league, Jack skellington, ac/dc, Grateful Dead bear

Third photo: forest animals, navy/blue plaid, black shamrock

Fourth photo: floral honey bee, purple marble, coral reef, honey bee, purple crystal, neon triangle

Fifth photo: Schrute Farms

Sixth photo: blue daisy, lilac photo, strawberry butterfly, orange fruit butterfly, green daisy

Seventh photo: pot leaf

Bandana headbands made with elastic band for easy and comfortable fit. These slide on like a headband but cover like a bandana. They fit most adults. Stretch 20”- 24” around and 11” long

Scrunchie Scarves

First photo: green daisy, summer swirl, Grateful Dead bear, purple crystal

Second photo: purple marble, boho quilt, coral reef, pink triangle

Third photo: pumpkin, black shamrock, navy/orange

Fourth photo: shamrock swirl, ac/dc, Jasmine/tiger

Fifth photo: strawberry butterfly, lilac butterfly, orange fruit butterfly

Sixth photo: pot leaf

Regular size scrunchie with scarf tail. These make the cutest accessory for a ponytail and work great for medium or long hair!