Canvas, vinyl record, and mini canvases available. Email me for any custom orders! I’d love to create something for you.


Powerpuff Girls

This heart shaped painting is inspired by my love for cartoons and the Powerpuff girls as a kid!I thought they would fit the heart shaped canvas perfectly!

Mushroom and Wildflowers

Acrylic painting of pink mushrooms on 10” heart shaped canvas. Wrapped canvas with painted edges.

Christmas Cow

10” by 10” wrapped canvas. Acrylic painting of a cow with a Santa hat.

Canvas Magnets

2” by 2” square canvases with magnets on back. Purchase single or as a set

Crab Nebula

Acrylic painting on 12” by 12” by 1.5” canvas.

This is my interpretation of the Crab Nebula, a supernova, in the constellation of Taurus!

Strawberry Bloom

12” heart canvas. Acrylic painting of bright red strawberries and white flowers

Poppy Field

Acrylic paint on 12” by 12” canvas. Warm red poppies in a field of green. I’ve always wanted to paint poppies because of their bright colors and intricate layers of petals.

Desert Dreamscape

Acrylic paint on 12” by 16” wrapped canvas. This Dreamscape features a blue and orange sky with a desert full of bright cacti and desert flowers.

Sunflower Love

Acrylic paint on 12” heart shaped canvas. Pink, orange, and magenta sunset with bright yellow sunflower field.

Pink Petals

Oil paint on 12” round canvas

Sunflower Bunch

Print of my original oil painting of bright yellow, orange, and red sunflowers.

Prints are 8” square and are printed on a thick glossy paper with a slight metallic finish

Butterfly Hanging Canvas

Acrylic painting on recycled vinyl record. 12” round.

Pink Sunflower Dreamscape

Pink clouds and sunflowers on 16” by 20” wrapped canvas

Spring Bunny

Acrylic on 8” by 10” canvas board

Desert Landscape

Oil paint on 24” by 24” canvas. Pink sunset with desert landscape and cacti.

Pastel Wildflowers

Acrylic paint on 10” by 10” wrapped canvas. Pink, purple, and white wildflowers on pastel green background.

Tropical Tiger

Acrylic paint on 12” by 16” wrapped canvas.

This tiger painting from my tropical collection features one of my favorite animals and some of my favorite plants.